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Raw Space: Coworking, Gloucester Road

Raw Space is a great coworking space in the heart of Gloucester Road.  It is an attractive 3500 square foot space with different rooms designed to facilitate different styles of working: creative thought, collaboration and quieter more focused work.

Raw Space is light, open, and designed to feel modern. There are enough desks, sofa’s and informal meeting tables to fit 80 people comfortably and fast internet sufficient to work well even with this volume of members.

Raw Space offers more than a desk and a chair. Their ethos centre’s around Collaboration and Community: A multitude of professional and socially events organised by the Raw Space team are adapted to suit the preference of the members: who are always involved in sculpting Raw Space itself.

Professionals visit and give regular talks (for example social media, accounting, well being and nutrition) and social events ensure people enjoy the network around them (after work drinks, running club, cake days, board game evenings).

Raw Space would suit entrepreneurs, SME’s, freelancers and professionals. 

For more information email call 0117 403 0415 or visit