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Here (formerly Bath Road Studios)


Gareth Edwards of Ashville, asset managers for the building, explains…

“Celebrating the original forward thinking 60s architecture, the interior of HERE retains the same eye on the future and a commitment to function and practicality, with exposed ceilings and plenty of natural light.

“But office buildings aren’t really about bricks and mortar – what’s important is what happens inside. This has always been a creative space, and it’s constantly evolving with its tenants. So, we took the unusual decision to employ a branding agency. We tasked Colour & Thing, one of our tenants, with renaming and re-positioning the old ITV building as a contemporary new opportunity in Bristol’s commercial property sector. Branding office buildings is usually pretty functional, but they took the decision to reinvent the building as a uniquely meaningful social brand.

“HERE is different to other office spaces – it’s not about a space people fit into. It’s about a space fit for people. Every business under this roof enjoys an inspiring blank canvas they can make their own. HERE is where things happen, where businesses create their own opportunities and forge their own future if you will. That’s what HERE is all about.”