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Association For Contemporary Jewellery

The Association for Contemporary Jewellery is devoted to the promotion, representation, understanding and development of contemporary jewellery in the United Kingdom and abroad.  Founded as a membership association in 1997 and registered as a Limited Company in 2006, it recognises a need to foster discussion, debate and critical review and interaction amongst its members. To this end it organises conferences, lectures, seminars, workshops and an annual general meeting for members. The ACJ’s regular newsletter, findings, features reviews, information, comment, book offers and discounts and is of benefit to both our members and the wider public.  It also produces a monthly e-bulletin featuring news and opportunities. 

The ACJ welcomes as members practising jewellers, associated designers and crafts people, educators, students, gallery owners and retailers, museum curators, critics and collectors – indeed, anyone with an interest in contemporary jewellery.  It also has regional groups, with the ACJ Bristol group being particularly active and well worth joining.