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An Artist’s Introduction to Self Promotion

ArtQuest provide useful advice on self promotion, pr & marketing. All artists and craftspeople must promote themselves and their career if they are to secure jobs, exhibitions, sales, publicity and a reputation in the art world. No matter what kind of work you make, or what kind of career you think you have (or don’t have), self promotion is necessary or no-one will ever hear about the work you are doing.  Promoting yourself needn’t be about high-profile networking or cynically using people for your own ends.  Your friends, colleagues, and even the people you meet at parties and gallery openings are all part of your self promotion network, as you are a part of theirs.  The ArtQuest Self Promotion Guide includes:

  • The promotional jigsaw
  • Checklist for an exhibition
  • Selling at an exhibition
  • Checklist for a residency
  • Checklist for a commission
  • Growing your network
  • How to write a media release
  • PR & Media Relations