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Own-it is a new service which offers free intellectual property (IP) advice for London’s creative people. Within your business or your practice, you’ve probably created a wealth of in-house ideas, designs, music, writing, images – in short, ‘intellectual property’ – which can make you extra money, as long as you give it the proper legal protection.  Own-it offers legal advice to help you solve your IP issues. To use this service you need to be a member of Own-it, so why not register for free now at Own-it

How does the service work?

Check to see if an answer to your query can be found in the information already on Own-it. They offer FAQs, factsheets, podcasts, articles and events on IP issues that are frequently faced by the creative industries. Search for information, read the article ‘Doing the Rights Thing‘  or watch the video ‘How not to get ripped off‘, which contains a guide to copyright, trade marks, design rights and patents.