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Briffa is an award winning firm of lawyers based in London specialising in the business and law concerning a wide variety of industry sectors and in particular those who value their intangible assets – their intellectual property. Whatever your business, be it design, technology, entertainment, software development, publishing or internet they can help you add value to it so that you reap the rewards of the investment you have made in its creativity.

 help you protect, develop, make money from and enforce your intellectual property. They are expert in brand strategy and trademark portfolio management, innovation and invention, designs, copyright, image rights and trade secrets.  They put in place deals, company structures and strategies that give you a competitive edge and which increases the value of your business to you and to others.  They work with you to help grow your business and increase your market share.  They are happy to meet and explore how we can help you identify your intellectual property rights and realise your business potential at no cost to you.