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Principled Podcasts from ACE

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    Do you know Arts Council England’s Investment Principles and how they inform their work?  ACE has committed to 4 Investment Principles:  Ambition and Quality; Dynamism;  Environmental Sustainability;  Inclusivity and Relevance.  Do you know what these principles mean and how they are applied?  If you’d like to find out more what ACE thinks they mean – ACE has produced some resources to help!  You can find details of these principles on the ACE website here.  At the top of the page you’ll find lots of links and numbers – click number 7 to go straight to the Investment Principles.

    Though the link above explains the principles with written words – you may wish to hear people speak about what they mean, exploring these topics more broadly.  If so, ACE has produced a number of podcasts about each principle.

    Click here to view their Soundcloud account with the podcasts linked.

    End date: 11:59pm on Sunday April 28th, 2024