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We The Curious Head of Marketing

    We The Curious

    Leading the marketing team, you’ll plan, deliver and evaluate our reopening and recovery marketing strategies. You’ll re-establish our brand, build back audiences and restore income streams at a critical but exciting time for us, as we build up to reopening.

    CLOSING: 00:00 22/08/24

    FEE: £44,500 (£40,050 pro-rata)

    ORGANISATION: We The Curious

    REGION: Bristol

    ADDRESS: We The Curi­ous, One Mil­len­ni­um Square, Anchor Road, Har­bour­side, Bris­tol BS1 5DB

    CONTACT NAME: People Team


    TELEPHONE: 07967334131

    WEBSITE: wethe​cu​ri​ous​.peo​plehr​.net/​P​a​g​e​s​/​J​o​b​B​o​a​r​d​/​O​p​e​n​i​n​g​.​a​s​p​x​?​v​=​4e​6b​7261-​b​74e​-​439b​-9121–14eba1d530d9

    You’ll be an experienced driver of change, happy working both creatively and analytically on a wide variety of projects to help us achieve our aims as a charity.

    Expect to spend as much time working with other departments – problem solving and identifying opportunities – as with the marketing team, supporting and developing them to deliver their best work.

    The marketing team is part of our Audience department, which also includes Inclusion and Digital. Together we create meaningful relationships and rich, welcoming experiences.

    End date: 11:59am on Thursday August 22nd, 2024