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We Are Warriors 2024

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    Event start date: 08/03/2024

    Location: Redcliffe Caves, Phoenix Wharf, Redcliffe Way, Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6SR

    “NEVER miss a chance to enter the mystical and rarely-opened Redcliffe Caves. Especially when they’re illuminated with the celestial lights and voices of 130 local women, celebrating 100 years since the hard-won right to vote. An unmissable, uplifting, enchanting, subterranean wonderworld from In Between Time for International Women’s Day and beyond.”

    WE ARE WARRIORS is a sound and light installation in the incredible surroundings of Bristol’s Redcliffe Caves, a human-made network of caverns and catacombs that run underneath the city. Acting like a beacon calling people in, We Are Warriors contains thousands of tiny flickering lights and the voices of 130 women and girls from Bristol aged 8-80. 

    Enter a powerful constellation of fireflies, whispers, murmurs and sighs; a magnificent roar for a fairer, safer and more equal world. 

    For More information and tickets visit here.

    End date: 10:00pm on Sunday June 2nd, 2024