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    Event start date: 01/12/2023

    Location: Centrespace Gallery

    Opening times (Public):

    December 1-6th 1-5 pm

    Closed on Monday, December 4th


    Verdant Notes, currently at Centrespace in Bristol, is a scent, sound and video installation as well as a series of performances that immerse visitors in an ongoing evolving creative project. New York based collective Provisional Art Space [PAS] Ron Hutt and Anna Novakov, utilize fragrances like green plants, damp earth and fresh rain to evoke the natural world. In tandem with this olfactory experience is a series of sound-based performances and A. I. derived video installations that create cross-sensory perceptions and a heightened experience for the visitors of multi-leveled narratives inspired by the natural environment. Verdant Notes is a convergence of sight, smell and sound — an invitation to explore our collective emotions, feelings and concerns surrounding issues of climate change and environmental degradation.


    Scented Music Performances:


    2-4pm Friday, December 1st

    2-4pm Saturday, December 2nd



    2-4pm Sunday, Dec 3rd

    G.P.U.- CHURCH of Object-Oriented Ontology


    2-4pm Tues, Dec 5th



    2-4pm Wed Dec 6th




    Ron Hutt will be available during open hours to talk to any visitors interested in his search for the creative potential of A. I. Natural language processing (NLP) applications for text and image generation.


    About the Artists:

    Provisional Art Space is a collaboration between New York based creatives Ron Hutt and Anna Novakov. Working in partnership for the past eight years, they are involved with experiments in olfactory, musical composition and emerging A. I. text and image generation production. Sounds and smells have both intense cross-modal associations with memory, imagination and emotion, they represent the most primal and emotive senses, that can often share parallel systems of organization, textual notation and compositional structures. By using Ableton Live, a soft synth digital audio work station along with notes from a perfume organ, Hutt and Novakov create integrated musical/ olfactory installations and performative experiences. The pieces produced during these events, address the possibilities of inducing heightened associations of sound, scent and image.

    Ron Hutt is an electroacoustic music composer, sound designer, performer and multi-media artist. Hutt has a professional background as a. University Professor of Digital Art and Design, plus Scientific Visualization and an Expressive Arts and Music Therapist. Hutt’s works are tethered to the vast sound worlds of various ‘software synthesizers’ and their  endless possibilities for the design of unique sounds/timbres/instruments and the converging expressive power of MIDI compositional strategies. Hutt’s visual narrative style flows from a bringing together of A. I. Natural language processing (NLP) applications for text and image generation into his long standing digital art practice. Hutt’s credo simply stated is:“We are animals in a molecular world and our meaning and mission grows out of a moral approach to not just human life but to all life, here on Earth and beyond.”

    Anna Novakov is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, designer, curator and educator. Her creative practice focuses on the transitory modalities of the olfactory and textile arts. As an artist and certified perfumer, Novakov is able to unpack events through a multisensory artistic lens by examining seemingly inconsequential things. While her creative practice focuses on conceptual perfumery and textile design she is also invested in the role of scent in the construction of personal and collective memories, fragrance as an aspect of Utopian societies and diasporic cooking as a socio-political act.





    End date: 5:00pm on Wednesday December 6th, 2023