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Studio Photography

    Event start date: 06/07/2024

    Location: Bristol Folk House

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    Start date: 06 July 2024
     Day: Saturday
     Course length: 1 Day Course
     Time: 10:00 to 16:00

    Course code: SA41

    Full fee: £77.00 | Over 65s: £69.30 | Benefit: £61.60

    Tutor: Martin Edwards

    Courses description

    Learn how to use photographic studio lights to achieve different styles of photographic lighting.

    You will use use professional studio flash equipment (see camera info below) and/or professional continuous lighting equipment, and learn how to set up and operate these to control the lighting. Advice will be given on achieving the same lighting in a home studio on a small budget.

    We will try out different types of portrait lighting, and also have some time for tabletop subjects.

    For the portraits, we will photograph each other, so bring a hat or scarf if you want to.


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    You will need a digital camera capable of setting ISO, shutter and aperture:

    To use the flash kit you will need an SLR or a fully manual compact camera with a hot shoe.

    Other cameras can still use the continuous light system.

    Phones are OK provided they have an app for manual settings.

    If you have a tripod it will be useful, but a couple will be provided.

    If you have a smallish object or artwork you would like to photograph, bring it along.

    No need to bring anything else, unless you want a hat or scarf etc for props or anonymity!

    End date: 3:29pm on Sunday July 7th, 2024