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An Introduction to Circle Dance

    Event start date: 22/06/2024

    Location: Bristol Folk House

    To book:

    Start date: 22 June 2024
     Day: Saturday
     Course length: 1 Day Course
     Time: 10:30 to 12:30

    Course code: SD05

    Full fee: £19.00 | Over 65s: £17.10 | Benefit: £15.20

    Tutor: Christine Power

    Courses description

    A workshop to introduce you to circle dance, a form of social dance which has rhythms and dances from around the world. With origins in Eastern Europe, many new dances have been created to folk music from varying traditions. The steps of each dance will be explained and demonstrated, before we dance them as a group by holding hands in a circle. These are not authentic folk dances as they have altered while being danced in the UK, and as such are part of a living community of dance! We will have a short break during the session.

    End date: 3:41pm on Sunday June 23rd, 2024