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Zoe Gibbons Studio


    I am a mixed media artist – creating designs on my vintage sewing machine – which are then translated into laser cut, or collaged using texiles, paper or pressed flowers. I make a range of items which I sell (mainly) online.

    A lot of my inspiration comes from the natural environment – trees, a good view & fresh air give me joy! I like to get out on my bike collecting ideas and sketching.

    I create handmade, personalised items to order.

    I sell online through

    I also sell though local shops such as Bristol Tourist Information Centre. I’m always on the lookout for new places to sell through so please get in touch if you would like more info.

    I’ve recently completed a public engagment piece with Birmingham Orthopaedic Hospital and am interesting in developing links with other creative practitioners to develop more work like this.

    My Instagram and facebook pages are ZoeGibbons_Studio

    I also create original artwork under Zoe ‘Billboard’ Gibbons. Still working on a series called ‘Bristol by Billboard’ – street scenes of Bristol made from reclaimed advertising posters. Follow ZoeBillboardGibbons on instagram for images.

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