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Veronica Mulas Art


    I specialise in drawing and mark-making, producing traditional pencil and ink pieces and also experimenting with hand embroidery to imitate the act of drawing. My aim is to emulate paint or ink drops by adopting repetitive stitches to create the illusion of sketched images or splatters that have accidentally landed on the surface.

    My work depicts subjects found in nature, but also portraiture and explore themes related to identity and social issues. 

    At the moment I am using Frida Kahlo’s distinctive and iconic features as a source of inspiration. They are feminine and masculine at the same time and for this reason of great impact.

    I am also interested in lino carving and traditional pencil and ink drawings, which you can see featured in my card designs and giclée prints. 

    I am open for commissions on a range of projects, from a personalised greeting card to a hand-drawn portrait.

    My interest in fabrics and patterns started in my native Italy where I studied and worked as a Textile Designer. I have been influenced and inspired by artists such as Susan Collis, Ghada Amer, Kate MccGwire and Pae White who incorporate traditional labour intense skills into their practice, but in an innovative way. By doing so they break the boundaries between art and craft, one little detail at the time. What a rewarding outcome! 

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