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TG Freeson


    Artist. Conceptual, abstract expressionism. Inspired by the sea, (nature, people), science.

    I work with watercolours and inks on paper. With these techniques I can decompose the objects into plains of light and view and represent the different layers and density of the surroundings which I believe we are tightly entangled to. In some artworks to reinforce the concept I use rock-salt as a metaphor to embody the birth of all life forms from the sea, to mean equality.

    I began my artistic journey working in the fashion and graphic design industries for more than two decades. As I developed my own artistic style and I furthered my visual studies, I began to elaborate on the idea that all figures can be fragmented and represented in their different planes of view and light. With the use of colours, shapes, lines and lights I aim to show how deeply entangled we are with our surroundings. Through my work, I challenge the existence of ‘negative space’ in artworks, showing that there is movement, light, perspective and ultimately life between figures and their surroundings.

    I work with watercolours and inks on paper. These means allow me to break the objects I represent into planes of light and perspective, and to represent the different layers and densities of my subjects and landscapes. I see the world through a shattered glass, I see how the light is fragmented by the various shards, and I represent it that way.

    I have a very meticulous approach to the representation of my subjects. I first produce various sketches of my subjects with a black pen, and I study all the different shadows to understand the ways objects are in space. Then, I add colour. Every painting has not only a project, but also a feeling or a memory behind.

    For me, the true meaning of art is to convey a complete sense of sincerity. I am not looking to capture and represent what is deemed canonically beautiful. Looking at Caravaggio’s and Rembrandt’s research for the true and “gritty” nature of everyday life, I move away from what is perceived as beautiful, and I instead aim to convey a sense of sincerity that represents my artistic subjective reality.

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