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Stokes Croft China: Workshop


    Stokes Croft China holds semi-regular workshops to create a uniquely decorated piece of fine bone china, opening up our decorating workshop to participants who can choose their piece and collage as many images and as much text as they like from our unrivalled collection of historic ceramic transfers.

    Since 2007, the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft has been active in the Stokes Croft area, seeking a different approach to the issues that confront society. This has manifested itself in an experimental approach to the “Commons” and property, building on the deeply embedded anarchistic approach that has been present for the longest time in Stokes Croft.

    Stokes Croft China is the commercial engine of the movement: The activities of PRSC are funded by the production and sale of our unlikely and extraordinary ware, all of which is hand decorated & fired right here in Stokes Croft. Our Selling Gallery showcases Stokes Croft China, fine bone china decorated and fired on the premises.

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