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Rocio Enriquez Bucheli


    The artist Rocio Enriquez Bucheli was born in Pasto, Colombia, in 1963. She has followed a professional career in fine art, achieving a Masters degree in Fine Art from Colombia before travelling to Europe and achieving an MA in Art in Architecture from the University of East London, with further studies in Art Management at Birkbeck College, University of London.

    Since moving to England she has worked as a fine artist in London, Bath and, since 2011, in Bristol. Managing galleries has been another important part of her work, in Bath from 2001 until 2004 and in Bristol from 2011.

    Her work has been exhibited in Colombia, Spain, England and Berlin, and has been bought by private collectors as well as public institutions such as the Colombian government and Virgo Fidelis School in London.

    Rocio has also worked with communities in Colombia developing designs for Colombian crafts with the Colombian Laboratory of Design, using gilding and patchwork, and in England has participated in a range of art fairs, notably with Southwark Arts and the Bloomsbury Festival, where she provided mosaic workshops for children and also exhibited her own work. From her studio in Bristol she has participated in The Big Draw, an international event, and the national Family Arts Festival.

    Rocio has gained teaching experience in fine art combined with architecture at La Salle University in Colombia, where she developed a programme entitled ‘Proyectacion’ (Projection) that inspired architecture students to use art to develop their architectural work. In Bristol, Rocio has continued to show her pieces and to work with other artists, as well as teaching art on a freelance basis to students who want to develop their creative abilities.

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