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PRSC: Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft


    Stokes Croft paints its own future, thus enhancing its sense of identity; its sense of community.

    Today, there remains little of the signwriting and painting that emblazoned all of Stokes Croft in its heyday. As such, we believe that the use of the surfaces of buildings as a canvas – which is demonstrably part of our heritage – should inform and direct the overall appearance of Stokes Croft as the Cultural Quarter of Bristol. PRSC has curated an outdoor gallery in the area, with our own wall on Jamaica Street attracting local and international artistic talent. Head to our Flickr to see the latest works in the area.

    If you’re an artist looking to show in our Outdoor Gallery, get in touch:

    Because of the economically challenged nature of our quarter, many of the locations in Stokes Croft form gaps in the normal commercial landscape. This can be seen as a disadvantage; a gap-toothed smile. PRSC sees only opportunity: the opportunity to flavour forever the visual nature of our quarter.

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