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Phoebe Smith Ceramics Classes

    Phoebe Smith Ceramics Classes

    All classes take place in my studio in St George, Bristol. Here I hope to create a warm and friendly environment where students both brand new and more experienced can take the time to learn and build skills needed to make their very own ceramic wares. It seems that we get very little time to slow down and learn something new, taking time to nourish our minds,  I hope that my classes can provide this for all that come. I keep my classes small to allow for dedicated and focused teaching, it is hugely important to me that all who come to my classes leave each lesson with a sense of having achieved something. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

    ‘’I absolutely loved doing Phoebe’s ceramic course… I even signed up for a second term. She is so knowledgable and open to any ideas and projects you want to undertake. Having such small classes is just perfect and I can’t recommend her cosy, warm ceramics studio enough’’

    “I have done two eight-week courses with Phoebe since October 2017, and I am very happy with her courses and the way she teaches us. I have learnt a lot on how to hand build (coiling, making pinch posts, working with slab) and on wheel throwing from Phoebe. I am especially happy with how Phoebe’s guidance improved my skills for wheel throwing—with centering, throwing forms such as cylinders, bowls and plates and on finishing a pot through the process of glazing.

    Phoebe is an effective teacher who knows how to instruct her students based on their skill levels and interest. She always has a very positive and encouraging attitude which makes the learning environment feel relaxed and fun. I would highly recommend Phoebe as an instructor or mentor for any aspiring potter.”

    “I have absolutely loved the two, eight week pottery courses hosted by Pheobe and I am about to begin a third. Along with the morning classes I took part in a one day work shop which really helped me get to grips with the wheel and was a fantastic way to spend a day and improve my skills. Phoebe is an excellent teacher, who is not only extremely knowledgable but really patient and attentive, thanks to her I have found myself producing work I didn’t think I was capable of in a short space of time.
    Starting as a complete beginner I was offered amazing support from the off,  learning a varied range of techniques in a relaxed and comfortable setting.
    Pheobe, her teachings & her work have inspired me to continue with pottery & I can’t thank her enough for that! ”

    “I’ve almost completed 2 of Phoebe’s 8 week pottery courses and would wholeheartedly recommend them. I had no experience coming into the first course and Phoebe has guided me throughout the learning process, I can hardly believe what I’ve created. Phoebe creates a warm and supportive environment and adapts her teaching style based on previous experience and ability. She’s really encouraging and knowledgeable which helps you to develop your skills during the courses. I have found the process both creative and mindful, it’s great to do something with you hands and produce something beautiful.”

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