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Paul Ayers Artist


    I am primarily a painter, whilst also using printmaking and alternative photography. In my painting practice I love the physical qualities of paint (particularly oil paint) and the myriad of textures, light effects, colour and illusions that you can achieve with them on a flat surface. So while my work represents objects in the real world, I strive to give the painted surfaces of my works an intensity and physical presence. I use photographic references (usually my own, sometimes found imagery) to construct imaginary places that could be real, but have a heightened sense of emotion and atmosphere.

    I am particularly interested in the idea of juxtaposition – such as setting artificial, man-made structures and elements against natural landscapes, so that objects seem out of place and “surreal”. My current series of paintings and mixed-media cyanotypes reference promotional photographs of late 19th and early 20th century boxers, This “Fighters” series explores the juxtaposition of strong “masculinity” against “feminine” natural forms.


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