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Open Up Music

    Open Up Music

    Young disabled people unfortunately are for the most part excluded from ensemble music making, in schools and music groups. So not many play, become music professionals, orchestral players, composers… Since 2007, our award-winning programmes have created new opportunities for them to be musicians, making their own music, not just listening to the music of others:

    Open Orchestras helps special schools set up accessible orchestras, so that hundreds of young disabled people get first access to music education every year.

    The National Open Youth Orchestra (NOYO) is the world’s first disabled-led national youth orchestra. It pioneers an inclusive orchestra model where talented 11-25 year-old disabled and non-disabled musicians rehearse and perform together.

    We’ve also developed the Clarion. Available on iPad and PC, it’s an innovative accessible instrument that can be played expressively with any part of the body, including eye movement. We currently offer it through our programmes.

    For more information please visit our website.

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