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MAMA Coaching Ltd.

    MAMA Coaching offers 1:1 and group coaching, and organisational consultancy, to support mothers across the Arts and creative industries in Bristol.

    Founded in 2018, and working (online and in real life, across the globe) with mothers across various sectors since, MAMA Coaching has developed a strong skillset in helping women to identify what they want from their working lives, and how best to integrate with their family responsibilities – so that the woman juggling it all can flourish.

    Now moving towards the Arts, MAMA is building networks of mothers within different Arts sectors, to acknowledge and understand the personal and structural challenges faced. In response, MAMA is developing a range of affordable coaching opportunities that will help mother artists continue to feel valuable, visible and celebrated in their corner of the Arts.

    If you are mother (or wanting to become one) and trying to work out how to sustain a career in the Arts whilst managing the demands of family life, then please get in touch. There may be a free network you could join, or you could find out more about the group and individual coaching packages on offer (some in development and not visible on my website yet).

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    83, Colston Road
    BS5 6AB

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