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Lydia Clelland Art


    Hi, I’m an artist and printmaker fascinated with abandoned places, I aim to connect with the histories of these places through the lens of their current presence. I do this looking at the movements of the weathering created by animals, plants, and people. Despite being labelled as ‘abandoned ruins’, these places are still very much alive. They are continually evolving and creating a new layer of narrative that can then inform the way we interact with the space.

    Printmaking processes, specifically lithography, etching and monoprint, are the foundation of my work. The material used is often decayed, cut, scratched, or covered with ink, reflective of the process of ruin. The layers of tone in my work echo the changing nature of these places and signify the new narratives that take hold over time.

    I hope to ignite a renewed curiosity for these mysterious sites, connecting us to their past, present, and future.


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