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HOURS Gallery & Event Space


    HOURS is an inspiring gallery and event space, hidden in Colston Yard, in the heart of Bristol, with ground floor entrance and top floor views.

    Exhibitions are usually for a month. You can have an opening weekend that is open to the public (e.g. Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday afternoons) and a closing event if you wish.  For the rest of the month your exhibition will be on show to people who attend HOURS events, or to the public by arrangement.  Exhibitors pay a reduced fee for the time that the gallery is open during the opening and closing events and there is no fee for the exhibition during the reminder of the month.   HOURS will take 15% of any sales during the exhibition.  Exhibitors are responsible for staffing the gallery during opening and closing events.  To apply to exhibit at HOURS email For more information about HOURS visit

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