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Amy Oliver

    Amy Oliver

    I am a UK based self-taught conceptual artist and my work is drawn upon narratives from a feminist perspective based on my own experiences of women’s rights and identity, domestic abuse, mental health disorder and invisible illness. My intention is to keep issues considered stigma visible through artwork by creating subtle, relatable pieces portraying both the frangible and durable elements of our existence; expressing vulnerability and instability but also alluding to the fundamental core strength within. I enjoy responding to both reference and materials in unconventional ways, pushing their and my boundaries.

    I use mannequins in my work – their anonymity and uniformity enable me to tackle subjects such as gender-based violence and women’s health on a human but impersonal level. Female mannequins generally conform to male gaze idealism and using them to create work disrupting that cliché is an important element of my practice.

    My work has been exhibited throughout the UK and in Europe, Japan and USA, and in June/July 2019 I had my first solo show, Still Life, at The Jam Factory, Oxford. In October 2018 I co-curated (In)visible at Espacio Gallery, London, a group exhibition which coincided with World Mental Health Day and brought together 43 international, emerging and accomplished artists who express life’s difficulties through artwork created as and for self-expression, communication and therapeutic release. I am currently undertaking a new project, The House of Smalls, which is a doll house gallery, and the first show will be opening in December 2020. I am a resident artist at The Art Eternal, Bristol.

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