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Emma Jean Kemp

    My work explores human experience: from how we feel, to how we move, to how we deal with life.  I depict moments in our lives that shape or define us: such as the tiny girl reaching to see inside a bowl or the man desperately trying to turn the page he is stood on.  Sculpting people in these scenarios, helps me process my life experiences as well reflect on our humanity.

    I am fascinated by the human figure; I take great pleasure in studying anatomy, to inform my sculpture as well as understand how the body moves.  My figures have a unique texture, which reveals my workings into the clay; it is applied in a way that accentuates the muscles and celebrates the beauty of the human form.  Part of my portfolio glorifies our athletic nature, which is inspired by my love for Capoeira, as well as the fact that we are such an impressively, adaptive species.  I hope my sculptures will connect with people’s inherent need to move and express themselves physically.

    The presentation of my figures is an intrinsic part of my work.  I sculpt spaces and objects for the figures to interact with, to create a narrative as well as accentuate the dynamics of the pose.  The use of colour also plays an important role in the emotions of the sculpture.

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