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Douglas Karson


    Douglas Adam Karson is an American-born artist based in Bristol, UK.  He embraces the spectrum of what it means to be alive and embodied. Yoga, geometry, balance, people and process are recurring themes.  Racism, violence and ignorance left deep marks on his psyche from his upbringing in Arkansas, U.S.A. These marks are reflected in the marks he makes through his compulsive creativity.

    Painting in New York from age 20, his art education comes from passionate self study.  An avid sportsman, a neck injury left him numb down his left side with his identity in crisis.  Art and yoga were critical components on his healing journey. Embracing the journey is crucial to his indefatigable drive to create.

    After completing an early series of works, he sold 5 on the streets of New York.  After, he had a solo show at Jeffrey’s Meat Market in the Lower East Side. Douglas continued to develop his craft and make, exhibit and sell works regularly through the transitions that followed (including meeting his wife and moving to the UK).  

    In 2013, he collaborated with clothing brand Lululemon to provide yoga-themed art decorating their first UK showroom in Soho, London.  In 2014, he donated art sale proceeds from the Sunday Funday fundraiser event of the Ashok Tree Charity. From 2014-2016 he fulfilled a lifelong ambition of living in Japan.  There, he discovered the joy of ink.

    Upon returning to the UK, his solo show, The Art Pop-Up in Central London.  Then, he co-founded an ambitious new arts festival. After months organising, promoting, and funding, he hosted and performed in the fantastic 12-day ONE2festival in May 2017.   Over 150 artists of various disciplines participated.

    His motto is “Just keep making great art”

    He has been longlisted for the Columbia Threadneedle Figurative Art prize, the VAO Painting prize, the Aesthetica Art prize and more. Published in Art Reveal Magazine, Creativ Paper Magazine, The Circle Art Foundation and Average Art Magazine, his work continues to garner attention.  He lived in Boston, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, London, Japan and finally, Bristol. Douglas’s output is prolific and shows no sign of slowing.

    If interested in more of his work, see his website below at

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