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Chandos Atelier


    Hello, my name’s Emma….

    These hands have been making props and costume for over 20 years now and I’m lucky enough to have my own studio in Redland, Bristol – Chandos Atelier.

    I started running ‘Creative Maker’ classes and parties in early 2017 when I returned home after years working around the world, and I love them! They’re an unprescribed exploration of methods and materials. Children and adults are free to make choices, and then change their minds – there is no right or wrong, just safe practise and exciting art discoveries.

    Each new theme we explore leads to such brilliant makes – and I thought I’d made some weird and wonderful things over the years….

    Please follow this link to see a small overview of my recent work or click here to see the timetable of classes, workshops and parties offered at Chandos Atelier.

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