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Cam Valley Arts Trail Group


    The group comprises 45 local artists and craftspeople who support and nurture each other as well as wanting to encourage local residents in their community to explore the arts.Cam Valley Arts believes in putting something back into the local community by providing opportunities through its autumn Arts Trail. Free Workshops are provided for everyone, old and young, to explore the world of art and crafts.

    The group is able to provide these open access workshops through raising funds and applying for grants from various bodies. Members of the group have a firm belief that art has the potential to enrich peoples’ lives and to provide opportunities for everyone to discover new skills and express themselves creatively, which has the benefit of promoting a feeling of wellbeing.

    Art is a form of expression, and you don’t need to be good at art to be able to express effectively. Today, people attend art workshops to do much more than learn. Art workshops act as a getaway for many to express, relax and challenge themselves.

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