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Brushstrokes Courses


    Brushstrokes Courses provides art instruction and courses, building creative confidence in a variety of artistic skills, from drawing to painting. Students are given individual support and taught best practices while remaining encouraged to explore their own artistic identity. Founded in 2020 by qualified art teacher Laura Truesdale, Brushstrokes has already helped over 100 artists learn the skills to create their masterpiece.

    Each Brushstrokes course is designed to accommodate, grow, and challenge artists at every level. Beginners will enjoy Laura’s encouragement and fun teaching style. Intermediate students will be challenged to push themselves. Established artists will find new inspiration or engage with novel mediums to round their craft. Each week’s lessons build on the week prior, creating habits and artistic tools that will stick for life.

    Free from institutional restraints, Brushstrokes puts student wellbeing back at the heart of the classes. Laura draws on her background in social work, PGCE training, and over a decade of teaching experience to ensure students are supported. If you want to learn the history of art, the context of a piece of work, build your creative confidence, develop technical skill, brush up on your existing skills, or be inspired, then Brushstrokes Courses is for you.

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