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Bristol Jewellery Studios


    Old Market Manor has two full time benches available in their jewellery studio based in the heart of Bristol, in Barton Manor. Housing full-time jewellers, with the aim of nurturing their businesses,giving them space to showcase their work and meet clients.

    We want to provide an affordable space for jewellers and silversmiths to grow and develop their businesses. By bringing these professionals together we will create a strong network and contribute to the artistic, creative community in Bristol.

    The  building is designed as a flexible space with room to adapt spaces, giving us a professional presence.

    Jewellery Studio

    Jewellery Studio Space – 2 benches available for permanent makers – £150 p/m


    £30 Key Deposit – one off payment

    £30 Membership – p/a

    £30 Tool-Share – p/a

    Part time

    Access available weekdays 9am – 6pm

    Cost: £20 per day

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