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Bristol Community Arts


    Bristol Community Arts (BCA) delivering inspirational, participatory arts activities in community settings.

    BCA exists to effect positive personal & social change, promoting well-being through the medium of creative practice.  Services help communities to celebrate the positives and explore issues which may be affecting them, helping to build resilience.

    Through the use of recycled materials and industrial waste products, BCA aims to raise awareness of environmental sustainability. We use a great deal of vintage textiles which woud otherwise go into landfill, to repurpose goods and give them a second life.

    Participants experiencing social isolation or mild to  moderate mental health issues also benefit greatly from the process that art making brings.

    BCA provides a welcoming, supportive environment in which to relax, learn, share and grow. Slow stitching, painting and other crafts help alleviate  stress and anxiety. Services are open to all regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, faith or economic status.

    The BCA charity works in collaboration with a range of creative practitioners; art therapists, art students and trainee art teachers, makers, graphic designers and textile artists who help us deliver diverse, inclusive, engaging arts programmes.

    Partnerships with local schools, colleges and universities enable these institutions to bring their curriculums alive and add value to the educational experience.

    BCA hosts a range of  cultural events and workshops which provide  opportunities for intergenerational skill sharing. Our Arts sessions enable people from all walks of life to come together,  fostering greater understanding between residents and strengthening community cohesion.

    We deliver in venues citywide at the customers choosing.

    To discuss your needs drop us an e-mail


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