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Beryl the Feral – Storymaker & Performance Poet


    Available for workshops; in your school or community group…

    Beryl the Feral is an experienced stage-performer; who has also worked with classes of all ages, helping to inspire their own creative process and to generate stories and poetry…

    She has a playful way of engaging imaginations; through games and exercises which can be tailored to the bespoke needs of your event; with rewarding results for all participants.

    Her lively workshops draw on all kinds of mediums, are good-fun and suitable for those who never thought they could.

    some examples include;

    – FUN WITH WORDS, for children …a first look at rhyming, senses and metaphor

    – MAKING STORIES FROM NOTHING …gently stimulating fantasy and then refining it to form brand-new narratives

    – WHAT IS PLAY? for adults …activities to help inhabit and understand the language of play

    Events are always tailor-made to the particular aims and limitations of your group. Please call or email to discuss!


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