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Aso Oke Hand Woven Fabric Accessories from West Africa

    Monijo Garnet

    Monijo Garnet (MG) makes bespoke handcrafted accessories which include contemporary and stylish pieces. MG strives to provide superb product quality and excellent customer service with the aim of building a satisfied and repeat customer base.

    Our new collection of hand woven aso-oke (pronounced ah-SHOW-kay) fabric accessories from West Africa  are available to purchase via and on our social media pages.

    Aso Oke is a native fabric made by the Yoruba tribe in West Africa. It is woven by local artisans in long strips. The strips are then sewn together to make yards of fabric to be sewn into clothes and used as fabric for accessories. The fabric is very special and is worn during special occasions.

    Aso Oke is a thick fabric which is similar in texture and weight to denim or canvas, making it versatile for items like clothes, handbags , wallets, cushion covers, totes, straps and even upholstery as it is durable and hard-wearing. Other cultures apart from the Yoruba in Nigeria and West Africa have adopted the wearing of Aso Oke for their special occasions.

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