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Artful Weasels

    Artful Weasels

    Artful Weasels Workshops

    The artful weasels Art Workshop Courses are run by Tin Stanton and Matt Hending, both art graduates of the University of the West of England, and both with an insatiable desire to create. Their experience and knowledge of art is matched by their enthusiasm and love of experimentation; which makes for an infectious and fun way of learning in their workshops.

    Our Art Workshop Evening Courses at The Park Centre, Kingswood, Bristol, are for anyone who wants to learn more about art and creativity in a fun, new, refreshing way.

    Perfect for those just starting out and wanting to find their feet in the art world, as an introduction to a university course, or for those wanting a fresh perspective on their own creativity. We let our students work at their own pace, and encourage individuality and freedom of expression, while providing a way to gain more confidence in personal achievements.

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