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Angie Kenber


    I work in paint, print and mixed media to interpret visual moments that inspire me. I am an artist who searches for light, colour and space: ‘between’, ‘through’ and ‘behind’.

    My inspiration is simple. I am a passionate and intense observer of colour matched against colour; visual sensations experienced viscerally as pure emotions of joy and awe.

    I work to capture these cathartic experiences: creating relational tension between juxtaposed or layered areas of colour, and linking the space between with gestural line and texture.


    Angie is an artist network member of the Royal West of England Academy, and a member of Spike Print Studios, both in Bristol. She has an Honours Degree in Fine Art from UWE, Bristol.

    Her work has been exhibited and sold widely in the UK and abroad.

    Original paintings and screenprints.

    Giclee prints, cushions, art mats and cards.

    instagram: angiekenberart

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